They Bared Their Souls This Season! Steven & Kori's Tell-All  SEASON 1 FINALE

Steven and Kori are back with the juicy SEASON FINALE of their hit marriage podcast "Get It Together-Together"!

They hold NOTHING back as they recap the TOP MOMENTS and RAW AUDIENCE REACTIONS from all 10 episodes this season.

From tackling taboo topics like sexless marriages, job losses, weight gain, and technology taking over relationships -

it's been a WILD RIDE! Steven and Kori are eternally grateful for their audience's candid engagement and feedback this season.

Join them as they go down memory lane highlighting YOUR responses to each episode's hot-button issues!

Discover the behind-the-scenes challenges and rewards of their journey creating a platform for honest conversations about real-life marriage struggles.

POLL: What was the most eye-opening episode from Season 1 of the Get It Together-Together podcast?

A) Tackling Sexless Marriages

B) Surviving Economic Hardships

C) Unplugging from Technology

D) Achieving Work-Life Balance

E) Coping with Physical Changes

F) Adjusting After Job Losses

G) Navigating Household Chores

H) Alpha vs Beta Spouses

I) The Power of a Marriage Prayer

How did Steven and Kori's candid episodes challenge your thinking this season? Share which hard-hitting conversation was most impactful for you!

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 How to GET IT TOGETHER First - Personal Growth is the SECRET to Relationship Success

Steven and Kori reveal their #1 secret for making marriage work - personal growth! Learn why you must commit to developing YOURSELF before you can truly unite as a couple.

Discover how reading, life coaching, prayer, and continuing education can transform you into a better spouse. This real couple describes how they motivated each other to grow using books, audiobooks, and scripture.

Get tips for handling stagnant partners and unequally yoked relationships. Find out the special prayer this couple credits as their secret sauce. Whether newlywed or married 40 years, this episode offers honest wisdom for anyone seeking to improve their marriage by working on themselves first.

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Alpha and Beta Roles in Marriage

Steven and Kori tackle the sensitive topic of alpha and beta roles in marriage head-on. Learn how to embrace your natural strengths while avoiding destructive power struggles.

Get their tips on identifying controlling "Jezebel spirits," disarming manipulation, and establishing healthy leadership. They also share their own journey to finding balance as alpha male and female after nearly 40 years together.

Topics covered:

Gain inspiration and practical advice for aligning your marriage with God's divine blueprint. Alpha and beta couples, what has worked for you? Share your experience!

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Navigating New Roles and Responsibilities in Your Relationship

Steven and Kori tackle the complex topic of redefining household duties and sharing responsibilities equitably, especially post-pandemic.

Learn how to transition roles smoothly, play to each other's strengths, and maintain harmony when needs shift.

They also answer tough viewer questions about handling role reversal, contributing unequally financially, and more. Get tips on communicating openly, releasing guilt, and embracing change as a team!

This candid talk provides wisdom on adjusting to new norms while keeping your relationship solid. Don't miss real solutions on navigating role changes from this couple 40 years strong!

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Get advice for newlyweds and long-term couples alike on connecting spiritually, emotionally and PHYSICALLY! Save your marriage today.


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Job Loss & Career Change Will Put Your Marriage to the TEST

This REAL couple shares their most vulnerable stories of job loss, career changes, and financial uncertainty that put their marriage to the test. Learn exactly how they overcame massive challenges by supporting each other and refusing to give up.

"We discuss coping with sudden unemployment, rebooting your career, relocation struggles, dealing with a partner's rash decisions, and more raw topics REAL couples face."

If you’re struggling through a career crisis with your partner, you need this honest advice from a couple who's been there. Learn how to build each other up (instead of tear down). Discover tips for leveraging your network to create new opportunities without bruising egos.

This no B.S. convo tackles the career and money issues threatening marriages today with humor, heart, and hope. 

When Did I Start Looking Like This?? Coping with Physical Changes in Your Marriage

Steven and Kori have been married for over 40 years and have gone through many physical changes together. In this candid episode, they share real talk on handling weight gain, menopause/andropause, staying attractive for your spouse and maintaining health as you age.

Learn how to cope with physical transformation as a couple, keep the 🔥 alive, and commit to fitness at any age! Steven and Kori also answer viewer questions on addressing hygiene issues, changes in dress style and more.

Topics covered:

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Balancing Marriage and Careers: How Dual-Career Couples Can “Leave Work at Work”

Do you and your spouse struggle with work-life balance? 💼💻 Many couples with two demanding careers risk marriage breakdown from job stress and no quality time together!

Relationship experts Steven and Kori share hard-earned lessons on separating your work and home identities so you don't lose connection. Learn how to set healthy work boundaries, prioritize your marriage, have difficult money conversations, and more!

Get tips for resisting workplace spill-over, being fully present at home, rekindling intimacy after busy workdays, and insulating your relationship from career pressures. Take your marriage from the back burner to front and center again!

Marriage is the #1 career - don't let work take that top spot! Rebalance your priorities and get your partnership thriving despite dual career demands.

"We realized also that we had another career and that is a career of building a marriage and building a family that was more important than anything else." - Steven

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You Touch Your Phone More Than You Touch Me 📱 How Tech Is Ruining Relationships

Is technology destroying intimacy and connection in your marriage? 💔 Many spouses engage with their phones more than their partner. Don't let devices interfere with your love life!

Relationship experts Steven and Kori get real about the impact of non stop texting, social media, TV/movies on phones, and more. Learn how to set boundaries and prioritize your spouse over your smartphone. Rekindle passion and communication without constant distractions!

Discover strategies like scheduled no phone zones, leaving devices behind for uninterrupted date nights, and embracing old school romance. Take back your marriage from the grip of the digital world. Put down your phone and reconnect with what truly matters!



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Economic Hardships in Marriage Post Pandemic

Financial struggles can destroy relationships - but it doesn't have to be that way! 💸

Listen as marriage experts Steven and Kori share hard-won tips on navigating money issues as a couple during tough times.

Learn their secrets to budgeting, saving, and spending wisely. Discover healthy ways to combine finances, talk about money, and avoid conflicts over cash.

Get advice on getting out of debt, recovering from job loss, and more.

They also discuss teaching kids about money early on.

Financial stress is cited as a top marriage destroyer - but you CAN weather the storm together with the right tools and attitude.

Rebuild stability in your relationship despite any lingering pandemic impacts or new challenges ahead. Love can still win! ❤️



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The Silent Pandemic is Destroying Marriages - How to Reignite The Spark In Your Marriage

If the fire has gone out in your marriage, it takes effort and intention to rekindle it. Did you know many marriages are becoming sexless?

The pandemic has caused a silent intimacy crisis that's threatening relationships.
Listen as relationship coaches Steven and Kori get real about reigniting passion and bringing back the fire even after decades of marriage.

They share raw, transparent tips like scheduling pleasure sessions, using toys responsibly, coping with menopause/andropause, managing occasional dry spells, and keeping things spicy.

You'll discover why foreplay matters, how to handle mismatched libidos, what your worn out sheets reveal, and much more!

Get advice for newlyweds and long-term couples alike on connecting spiritually, emotionally and PHYSICALLY!

Save your marriage today. ❤️‍
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