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With Steven and Kori

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"Get It Together - Together"

Helping couples and those desiring to become a couple, in confronting and resolving issues you may be facing with your partner, with skills, techniques and tips to resolve the static/problems in your relationship.

"Our intentions are to create a safe transparent space where we will give our own personal experiences in a real and sometimes raw fashion.


This show is interactive and will allow each of us to have fun while we are growing personally through the content shared."

You will love the freedom that is created in your marriage and partnership when you "Get It Together -Together"

This show is all about giving you suggestions, skills, nuts and bolts from our 40 yrs of experience, to live in a successful relationship, with yourself (as you get it together) as well as your spouse/partner (as you get it together-together).

Our goal in this show is to help you understand each other's value in your marriage relationship. Also, for those of you who are growing as a couple into a lifelong relationship we expect this show will be a part of your journey as well.

We offer information about how you live in peace with one another. Accepting and honoring each other’s gifts and values that attracted you to each other in the first place.

You may be asking yourself, “Who are these two and why should I spend my time with them?”

  • We have over 30+ years of ministry.
    • Young Married
    • Young Adults
    • Vacation Bible School
    • Marriage Classes
    • Nursery
  • Kori has 7 years volunteering in the Special events ministry.

Eventually we began counseling and coaching those very same people we met through ministry.

If you go to our Home Page, some of those reviews are from people we've helped and guided through ministry and life coaching. These as well as others in our life have asked us, and encouraged us, to begin this podcast.

We imagined what it might be like to share our life experiences of discovering the value of who we are in these turbulent as well as triumphant times in the world, in order to help others achieve the success and life victories they desire. That was the birth of and the Get It Together-Together Podcast.

Steven & Kori

Catch the Latest Episodes Where Ever You Listen to Your Podcasts

September 10, 2023
The Silent Pandemic is Destroying Marriages - How to Reignite The Spark In Your Marriage

If the fire has gone out in your marriage, it takes effort and intention to rekindle it. Did you know many marriages are becoming sexless? The pandemic has caused a silent intimacy crisis that's threatening relationships.Listen as relationship coaches Steven and Kori get real about reigniting passion and bringing back the fire even after decades […]

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Helping You Understand The Value Of Who You Are
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