How This Couple Reinvented Their Careers and Marriage After Devastating Job Losses

When Steven and Kori first got married, they never could have predicted the career curveballs life would throw at them. In this candid episode, the couple opens up about weathering not one, but two massive job disruptions that put their marriage to the test.

Steven Gets Laid Off After Closing Other Offices

After working at a large corporation for several years, Steven was tapped to be part of a “transition team.” He was tasked with closing other office locations, assured his own job was safe.

But shortly after completing the project, Steven’s own office was shut down and he was left unemployed.

This early career setback taught the couple an important lesson:

“Nothing is promised. When I got up and got ready to go into the office that day, I had no idea that when I left that office, I would be without a job.”

Kori Gets Fired from a Job She Hated Anyway

Later in their marriage, Kori was let go from a job she already disliked. But it still stung her ego and left her questioning her self-worth.

Steven was there to lift her up and assure her:

“It’s okay honey. We don’t need that health insurance anymore. We’re good. It’s okay. We’re gonna make a way.”

His emotional support buoyed her through a difficult transition.

How They Found Opportunity in Upheaval

Together Steven and Kori learned to see career upheaval as an opportunity for positive change.

When Steven was offered four exciting new jobs in different states, the couple decided to uproot and start fresh. Although it was initially uncomfortable, they ended up building Kori’s “dream home” from scratch in their new location.

As they learned, shared hardship can bring spouses closer together instead of driving them apart. By sticking together and supporting each other’s career aspirations, this couple kept their marriage strong.

Now they happily look back on their job disasters as blessings in disguise. Their advice to couples facing career uncertainty?

“Get it together, together.”

Rather than undermine your partner, build each other up. Approach every challenge as a team and grow through adversity.

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