You Touch Your Phone More Than You Touch Me 📱 How Tech Is Ruining Relationships


Is Technology Sabotaging Your Marriage?

The rise of smartphones has radically transformed communication - both good and bad. These devices instantly connect us to information, entertainment, even loved ones with just a tap. But constant digital distraction can erode intimacy between couples.

As relationship experts Steven and Kori explain, technology addictions and improper phone use are destroying marriages. Partners mindlessly scroll feeds for hours or get sucked into “Netflix cheating.” Phubbing (phone snubbing) your spouse disrespects them.

The solution isn’t abandoning devices completely. Instead, establish boundaries to prevent tech from harming your bond:

Set Sacred No Phone Zones

Carve out tech-free zones/times. Enjoy dinner or dates without devices. Turn off phones at night. Stay present with each other, not apps.

Don’t Bring Phones to Bed

Late night scrolling breeds depression and steals intimacy. Leave phones outside the bedroom. Talk, cuddle, and bond without the glow of screens.

Schedule Digital Detox Days

Designate days for an unplugged relationship “reset.” Go phoneless on long walks. Rediscover simple togetherness.

Don’t Use Devices as Relational Crutches

Hiding behind phones due to social anxiety is unhealthy. Practice engagement skills to become fully involved with your partner.

Prioritize Spouse Over Screen

Respect your partner’s bids for attention over checking feeds. Make sincere eye contact. Don’t let digital distractions make your lover feel neglected.

With some thoughtful adjustments, technology can complement closeness rather than threaten it. Protect your marriage from a silent disconnection. Choose your beloved over your mobile device!

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