Steven and Kori Bare Their Souls in Tell-All Season Finale

Steven and Kori just wrapped up Season 1 of their hit marriage podcast "Get It Together-Together" with a juicy finale episode recapping the most memorable moments.

In this vulnerable episode, the hosts hold nothing back as they review raw audience reactions to each of 9 episodes this season.

From tackling taboo topics to dishing on behind-the-scenes challenges, it's a tell-all you won't want to miss!

Episode 1 - Breaking the Silence on Sexless Marriages

Right off the bat, Steven and Kori brought the heat with Episode 1's focus on "the silent pandemic" of passionless marriages. The candid conversation resonated, with many praising their straight talk on this sensitive issue.

Episode 2 - Surviving Economic Hardships Together

The audience related all too well to Episode 2's theme of persevering through financial struggles as a team. With inspiring stories of overcoming job losses and tips on saving money, this episode struck a chord.

Episode 3 - Unplugging From Technology

Generated buzz by tackling constant tech distractions that can harm relationships. Steven and Kori validated much-needed boundaries around devices.

Episode 4 - Achieving Work-Life Balance

Many appreciated Episode 4's look at balancing demanding careers with family life. Steven gave insight into wives often bearing the brunt of domestic duties.

Episode 5 - Embracing Physical Changes

The fifth episode, covering pandemic weight gain and getting too comfortable in relationships, led to candid admissions from the audience. Steven and Kori touched a nerve!

Episode 6 - Adjusting After Job Changes

This relevant episode found universal agreement, with listeners confessing to struggling with job losses. Steven and Kori stressed persevering as a team.

Episode 7 - Divvying Up Household Chores

Debates around gender roles erupted from Episode 7's dive into sharing household duties. Steven and Kori acknowledged different views on this heated issue.

Episode 8 - Alpha vs. Beta Spouses

Defining "beta" as a biblical helper rather than a passive partner led to appreciation in Episode 8.

Steven and Kori explored assertive vs. supportive marital roles.

Episode 9 - The Power of a Marriage Prayer

Listeners found inspiration in Episode 9's guidance on praying together. Many committed to start a meaningful marriage prayer ritual.

Looking Ahead to Season 2

After baring their souls all season long, Steven and Kori are gearing up for more raw, honest conversations in Marriage Podcast Season 2. Their audience is now family, and we can't wait to continue getting it together-together with them!

Check out the audio/video podcast on their "Podcast" page!


 They Bared Their Souls This Season! Steven & Kori's Tell-All  SEASON 1 FINALE

Steven and Kori are back with the juicy SEASON FINALE of their hit marriage podcast "Get It Together-Together"!

They hold NOTHING back as they recap the TOP MOMENTS and RAW AUDIENCE REACTIONS from all 10 episodes this season.

From tackling taboo topics like sexless marriages, job losses, weight gain, and technology taking over relationships -

it's been a WILD RIDE! Steven and Kori are eternally grateful for their audience's candid engagement and feedback this season.

Join them as they go down memory lane highlighting YOUR responses to each episode's hot-button issues!

Discover the behind-the-scenes challenges and rewards of their journey creating a platform for honest conversations about real-life marriage struggles.

POLL: What was the most eye-opening episode from Season 1 of the Get It Together-Together podcast?

A) Tackling Sexless Marriages

B) Surviving Economic Hardships

C) Unplugging from Technology

D) Achieving Work-Life Balance

E) Coping with Physical Changes

F) Adjusting After Job Losses

G) Navigating Household Chores

H) Alpha vs Beta Spouses

I) The Power of a Marriage Prayer

How did Steven and Kori's candid episodes challenge your thinking this season? Share which hard-hitting conversation was most impactful for you!

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 The Silent Pandemic is Destroying Marriages - How to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom!

The Silent Intimacy Crisis: Reigniting Passion in Your Pandemic Marriage

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented strain on marriages and relationships. With increased time together in lockdown comes mounting irritations, rifts in communication, financial stressors, and unfortunately in many cases - a lack of physical intimacy.

Experts are calling it a “silent pandemic.” The stats are alarming:

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Relationship coaches Steven and Kori have lived through their own dry spells and slumps over 40+ years of marriage. They know how to bring back the passion - even after decades together.

Reignite Your Libido: Pro Tips for Pandemic Marriages

Steven and Kori get real about reigniting fire in the bedroom and keeping things red hot 🔥 even when you’re stuck at home 24/7 together. Here are some of their spicy tips for heating up a marriage gone cold:

1. Schedule Sex Sessions

It may seem structured, but planning intimate “pleasure time” can help make it a priority again. Sex shouldn't feel like a chore - treat it as a chance to get frisky!

2. Roleplay and Explore New Things

Boredom is intimacy’s worst enemy. Shake things up with sexy games, toys (use responsibly!), experimenting with new positions, locations, etc. A little variety goes a long way.

3. Set the Mood

Foreplay shouldn’t just be physical. Text flirty messages during the day, enjoy some wine together, take a relaxing shower or bath, light candles, play music - build anticipation and romance.

4. Handle Hormone Changes

Menopause and andropause can tank libidos. Be patient, communicate openly, and focus on other forms of sensual touch. Prioritize intimacy.

5. Never Use Sex as a Weapon

Withholding physical affection due to fighting is toxic. Have the uncomfortable talks, apologize, and reconnect emotionally first.

6. Accept Occasional “Service Sex”

Sometimes your partner really wants it and you’re not in the mood. Consider meeting their needs anyway as an act of love.

7. Seek Counseling If Needed

If you’ve gone months or years without sex, or have mental blocks preventing intimacy, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

The pandemic has shaken relationships, but it’s possible to overcome “dead bedroom” syndrome with effort. Talk openly, make sex a priority again, and rekindle the passion you once had!

For more tips, listen to Steven and Kori's full episode here [link].

Has Your Marriage Lost Its Sizzle?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve experienced an intimacy slump during quarantine. What revved things up again for you? Feel free to ask Steven and Kori for advice - they’re happy to help!

How to Cope with Physical Changes in Your Long-Term Relationship

After 40 years of marriage, Steven and Kori Burgess have experienced their fair share of physical transformations. In the latest episode of their podcast, they get real about handling changes to your health, weight and appearance as you age together.

Don't Let the "Pandemic Pounds" Ruin Your Self-Esteem

Like many couples, Steven and Kori gained unwanted weight during the pandemic due to inactivity and stress. But they caution against letting your fitness slide, as it can severely impact self-image and satisfaction in your relationship.

"You can get comfortable in being uncomfortable," Kori admits. She advises finding flattering clothes for your current body while actively working to get in better shape through diet and exercise. Don't justify weight gain by blaming your spouse or kids - take personal responsibility!

How Menopause and Andropause Affect Your Looks and Libido

Your hormones change drastically as you enter menopause and andropause. This can mean weight fluctuations, mood swings, low energy and reduced sex drive.

Steven and Kori emphasize being sensitive to what your partner is going through during this transition. Don't nag about their appearance, be helpful instead! Suggest healthy recipes, go on walks together and boost their self-esteem.

Make an Effort to Stay Attractive for Your Spouse

While your natural looks will change over time, Steven and Kori insist you should keep up your grooming and style for your partner.

Little things like wearing nice pajamas, keeping well-groomed facial hair or putting on a flattering dress can go a long way in keeping the spark alive after decades together. Surprise your spouse with a sexy outfit or gift card for new clothes!

Don't Let Hygiene and Grooming Slide

Poor personal hygiene can seriously damage intimacy in a marriage. If your partner has been skipping showers or wearing the same sweatpants for a week, it's time for an intervention!

Kori suggests subtly turning showering into couple time. And if needed, give your spouse the honest feedback that their scent or appearance is unacceptable. Don't be afraid to hurt their feelings - bad hygiene is a dealbreaker.

Encourage Fitness Goals in Your Relationship

Research shows most long-term couples take issue with their partner's weight or fitness level. But Steven and Kori believe you should fully support your spouse's exercise regimen, even if they become super shredded!

Working out shows commitment to health and discipline. Compliment your partner's hard work rather than criticizing their new muscles. And let their dedication motivate you to improve your own physical condition.

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Listen or watch this episode here: YouTube:

and Spotify:

When Did I Start Looking Like This?? Coping with Physical Changes in Your Marriage

Steven and Kori have been married for over 40 years and have gone through many physical changes together. In this candid episode, they share real talk on handling weight gain, menopause/andropause, staying attractive for your spouse and maintaining health as you age.

Learn how to cope with physical transformation as a couple, keep the 🔥 alive, and commit to fitness at any age! Steven and Kori also answer viewer questions on addressing hygiene issues, changes in dress style and more.

Topics covered:

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Balancing Marriage and Careers: How Dual-Career Couples Can “Leave Work at Work”

Balancing Marriage and Careers: How Dual-Career Couples Can “Leave Work at Work”

It’s no secret that juggling two demanding careers can wreak havoc on marriages. Long hours, job stress, financial pressures, intimacy gaps, poor communication – these things chip away at relationships. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

According to experts Steven and Kori, dual-career couples can absolutely cultivate happy marriages alongside their professions. It just takes some intentionality. Here are their tips:

Set Clear Boundaries Around Work

Be firm about when you’re available for job tasks and when you’re not. For example, no calls or emails after 6 PM or on weekends except for true emergencies. Communicate limits to bosses and colleagues.

Build a “Cocoon” Around Your Home Life

Insulate your relationship from workplace spill-over. When you walk in the door, leave the job behind. Be fully mentally and emotionally present with your family.

Rekindle Intimacy ASAP

Fight the exhaustion and make affection a priority, even if it's a quickie! Flirty texts during the day build anticipation. Schedule date nights for just the two of you. Always go to bed together.

Make Time for Open Money Talks

Discuss financial goals, job pressures, work perks, compromises needed. Get aligned on priorities. Consider professional budgeting help if needed.

Set Weekly “No Shop Talk” Rules

Focus conversations on your relationship and family, not work. Be genuinely interested in each other’s non-office life again.

Plan Regular Digital Detoxes

Turn off all devices for set periods of time. Go for nature walks, play games, cook meals. Escape the Screens and reconnect.

While integrating marriage and dual careers is tricky, the effort is so worth it. Use these tips to keep your love life energized despite work obligations. Don't let your jobs overshadow your most important role – your partner's spouse!

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