Balancing Marriage and Careers: How Dual-Career Couples Can “Leave Work at Work”

Balancing Marriage and Careers: How Dual-Career Couples Can “Leave Work at Work”

It’s no secret that juggling two demanding careers can wreak havoc on marriages. Long hours, job stress, financial pressures, intimacy gaps, poor communication – these things chip away at relationships. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

According to experts Steven and Kori, dual-career couples can absolutely cultivate happy marriages alongside their professions. It just takes some intentionality. Here are their tips:

Set Clear Boundaries Around Work

Be firm about when you’re available for job tasks and when you’re not. For example, no calls or emails after 6 PM or on weekends except for true emergencies. Communicate limits to bosses and colleagues.

Build a “Cocoon” Around Your Home Life

Insulate your relationship from workplace spill-over. When you walk in the door, leave the job behind. Be fully mentally and emotionally present with your family.

Rekindle Intimacy ASAP

Fight the exhaustion and make affection a priority, even if it's a quickie! Flirty texts during the day build anticipation. Schedule date nights for just the two of you. Always go to bed together.

Make Time for Open Money Talks

Discuss financial goals, job pressures, work perks, compromises needed. Get aligned on priorities. Consider professional budgeting help if needed.

Set Weekly “No Shop Talk” Rules

Focus conversations on your relationship and family, not work. Be genuinely interested in each other’s non-office life again.

Plan Regular Digital Detoxes

Turn off all devices for set periods of time. Go for nature walks, play games, cook meals. Escape the Screens and reconnect.

While integrating marriage and dual careers is tricky, the effort is so worth it. Use these tips to keep your love life energized despite work obligations. Don't let your jobs overshadow your most important role – your partner's spouse!

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