The Silent Pandemic is Destroying Marriages - How to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom!

The Silent Intimacy Crisis: Reigniting Passion in Your Pandemic Marriage

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented strain on marriages and relationships. With increased time together in lockdown comes mounting irritations, rifts in communication, financial stressors, and unfortunately in many cases - a lack of physical intimacy.

Experts are calling it a “silent pandemic.” The stats are alarming:

  • 38% of couples reported decreased sexual frequency during the pandemic (Kinsey Institute)
  • 64% recorded a drop in intimacy (Lelo survey)
  • 41.3% of married couples in Kenya now report being sexually dissatisfied, up from 26.6% pre-pandemic (Sexual Medicine study)

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Relationship coaches Steven and Kori have lived through their own dry spells and slumps over 40+ years of marriage. They know how to bring back the passion - even after decades together.

Reignite Your Libido: Pro Tips for Pandemic Marriages

Steven and Kori get real about reigniting fire in the bedroom and keeping things red hot 🔥 even when you’re stuck at home 24/7 together. Here are some of their spicy tips for heating up a marriage gone cold:

1. Schedule Sex Sessions

It may seem structured, but planning intimate “pleasure time” can help make it a priority again. Sex shouldn't feel like a chore - treat it as a chance to get frisky!

2. Roleplay and Explore New Things

Boredom is intimacy’s worst enemy. Shake things up with sexy games, toys (use responsibly!), experimenting with new positions, locations, etc. A little variety goes a long way.

3. Set the Mood

Foreplay shouldn’t just be physical. Text flirty messages during the day, enjoy some wine together, take a relaxing shower or bath, light candles, play music - build anticipation and romance.

4. Handle Hormone Changes

Menopause and andropause can tank libidos. Be patient, communicate openly, and focus on other forms of sensual touch. Prioritize intimacy.

5. Never Use Sex as a Weapon

Withholding physical affection due to fighting is toxic. Have the uncomfortable talks, apologize, and reconnect emotionally first.

6. Accept Occasional “Service Sex”

Sometimes your partner really wants it and you’re not in the mood. Consider meeting their needs anyway as an act of love.

7. Seek Counseling If Needed

If you’ve gone months or years without sex, or have mental blocks preventing intimacy, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

The pandemic has shaken relationships, but it’s possible to overcome “dead bedroom” syndrome with effort. Talk openly, make sex a priority again, and rekindle the passion you once had!

For more tips, listen to Steven and Kori's full episode here [link].

Has Your Marriage Lost Its Sizzle?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve experienced an intimacy slump during quarantine. What revved things up again for you? Feel free to ask Steven and Kori for advice - they’re happy to help!

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